Autumn in the Basque Country

Anytime is a good time to visit The Land of the Basques, especially in Autumn, when temperatures are still mild and our forest exhibits an incredible palette of colours, together with multiple food markets and cultural activities along the country, it is the right season to experience and enjoy the destination calmly.

After Summer holidays, when days begin to shorten, cities and even rural areas boost activity remarkably. Culture and gastronomy are protagonists of many events along the country.

We attach the Autumn in the Autumn in the Basque Country – September : October brochure with updated activities por those months.

This guide is all you need! You’ll find out which artists are performing live across the Basque Country as well as diverse local traditions or some sport events. Don’t miss out! Make the best of your time here. 

See you soon!

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Summer in the Basque Country

To celebrate the reopening of the borders we attach the Summer in the Basque Country with updated activities for June and July.

Anytime is a good time to visit The Land of the Basques, but the sunny warm weather, longer days, together with the biggest outdoors festivals season, makes summer the perfect time to explore and enjoy the destination.

Euskal Herria, The Land of the Basques in the local language, is a fascinating destination which comprises in a relatively  small piece of land a great diversity of sceneries from the ocean to the mountain range and from modern cities to countryside and vineyards. 

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