Spring in the Basque Country

To celebrate the reopening of the borders we attach the Spring in the Basque Country with updated activities for May and June.

Anytime is a good time to visit The Land of the Basques, but the bright colors of the spring make special this time of the year.

When the cold weather starts giving up and the sun starts shining longer hours, an explosion of colours emerge in our mountains and lands.

Oak and Beech Forest begin dying green with new leaves coming out and small daisies, or txiribitak in Basque, grow everywhere.

Spring is also a sowing season for many of the products that will be harvested in Summer and Fall in the Basque Farmhouses. 

With the arrival of the good weather, the work of sowing increases considerably, highlighting products like the famous green peppers from Gernika, different types of red peppers, Ibarra chillies, beans and tomatoes, all of them distinguished by Basque Quality Label.

While the last remains of the Basque Carnivals finish in April, with  “Maskaradak” hold in the French Basque Country during all the winter,  several new season Festivals start celebrating in April too, like Saint  George, Basque Fest in Bilbao or Saint Prudence in Vitoria – Gasteiz. 

But we could assert that month of May is the beginning of the “Summer Festival Season” in the Basque Country, that will last till October!

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