The Basque Country

In an age of peak global homogeneity, when distinct cultures are vanishing, there is something invigorating and original  about arriving in the Basque Country.

Split between Spain and France, the Basque Country is perhaps the most over-achieving locale on the planet right now. Seven provinces, two countries, one people, three languages. A “nation without a state” — left off the map when Europe’s national borders were drawn.


Along the way, we’ll have the chance to approach to the excellent Basque Gastronomy and immerse ourselves in the unique Basque Culture, enjoying some of the numerous festivals and markets happening all over the year, with traditional folklore, music and rural sports.



And of course, we will check if it is true what the Basque people say: “In every Basque town, you will find three things: “A church, a bar and a pelota court. This is our most important game.”

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