Day trips from Bilbao

5 day trips from Bilbao

Bilbao is a distinctive and vibrant city, brimming with opportunities and delightful places to explore. Yet, if your stay in the capital of Vizcaya extends, and you have the luxury of time to discover its surroundings, you won’t regret embarking on these 5 day trips from Bilbao that are absolutely essential.

Haute Couture and Txakoli Harvest in Getaria

The Basque Country caters to every taste in tourism. Besides its abundant nature landscapes and delectable gastronomy, there’s also a rich historical tapestry, and the Balenciaga Museum is a gem among them. It’s a public institution dedicated to studying and preserving the legacy of the renowned fashion designer, Cristobal Balenciaga. Nestled in one of Gipuzkoa’s charming coastal towns, Getaria, famed for its Txakoli and grill-focused seafood restaurants.

Since its inauguration in 2011, the museum has been collecting stories. During your visit, you’ll discover the reason behind its creation and the main project of the Balenciaga Foundation, established years before the museum. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in an exhibition featuring Balenciaga’s finest collections – a truly unique experience.

As mentioned earlier, Getaria is also renowned for its gastronomy. Hence, no visit is complete without exploring a Txakoli-specialized winery and indulging in a sumptuous meal featuring grilled seafood, a local specialty of this quaint Guipuzcoan town.

Balenciaga museum in the basque country

Whale watching

Who could have imagined that whales, dolphins and seabirds could be seen on the Basque Coast? Thanks to responsible ecotourism in the area, whale watching in the Basque Country is now a reality available to everyone on their pelagic outings. 

Watching cetaceans and seabirds at sea is one of the most unforgettable day trips from Bilbao you can have. Sailing alongside a pod of dolphins playing on the bow, less than a meter away from you, is an indescribable emotion… Sharing space with a family of long-finned pilot whales that seem to want to show off their young or having the opportunity to stop next to a great whale and listen to its breathing is overwhelming. 

Our recommendation is to see whales, dolphins and seabirds on the Basque Coast, guided by naturalist and cetacean expert Gorka Ocio. Travelling from East to West through beautiful ports and fishing villages (Hondarribia, Pasajes, Donosti/San Sebastian, Orio, Zarautz, Getaria, Zumaia, Deva, Mutriku, Ondarroa, Lekeitio, Elantxobe, Mundaka, Bermeo, Bakio, Armintza, Plentzia, Getxo, Santurtzi or Zierbena).

Whale watching in the Basque Country

Spent a day in Biarritz

Less than two hours away from Bilbao lies the renowned and delightful Basque-French town of Biarritz. It’s a place where upscale restaurants and spas coexist harmoniously with laid-back pizza joints and surf shops.

The city is predominantly composed of bourgeois houses and mansions, often used by the wealthier individuals as summer residences. 

This touch of luxury is perfectly balanced with the more relaxed and carefree surf culture, which has a long-standing tradition in Biarritz. Undoubtedly, this intriguing contrast is a defining aspect of the city’s identity.

Undeniably, this is an excellent choice for a day trip from Bilbao. We recommend not only exploring the city and strolling along its coastline but also indulging in some shopping along its numerous commercial streets.

Visit Biarrtiz from Bilbao

Underwater Cellar 

Just a few minutes away from Bilbao, specifically nestled in the Bay of Plentzia, lies the world’s first underwater winery and artificial reef, boasting over 10 years of expertise in submerged wine research.

For a truly unique and unforgettable experience, set sail with Crusoe Treasure. Witness the extraction of their bottles from the ocean depths and indulge in a delightful wine tasting at sea.

Following this extraordinary experience, you must explore the charming coastal villages of Plentzia and Gorliz, undoubtedly among the most picturesque in Vizcaya. 

Strolling along the promenade, tracing the estuary’s mouth and the harbor of Plentzia, and then proceeding to the quaint pier of Azoga at the end of Gorliz beach is one of the finest plans you can indulge in this area.

Wine tasting harvested under the sea

Cider house experience

Gipúzkoa boasts the most tradition, hosting the vast majority of cider houses, primarily in the municipalities of Astigarraga, Hernani, Usurbil, and Urnieta. Therefore, an excellent day trip from Bilbao could be a gastronomic experience at a sagardotegi or Cider House

The atmosphere is lively and convivial, with the sound of laughter and clinking glasses filling the air. Accompanying the cider are plates of mouthwatering typical Basque cuisine. From the famous pintxos, small bites of culinary perfection, to hearty dishes like bacalao al pil-pil (salt cod fish in garlic and olive oil sauce), the food is a perfect complement to the cider. 

The Basque people take immense pride in their gastronomy, and it is evident in the quality and flavor of every dish.

Cider houses in Spain

In summary, if you want to immerse yourself in the authentic culinary tradition of the Basque Country, this is one of the best ways: traditional and of excellent quality. Who could resist?

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