City sightseeing in northern spain

The Summer Vacation Plan for City Sightseeing in Northern Spain

Spain’s northern region, with its lush landscapes, rugged coastlines, and rich cultural heritage, offers a spectacular backdrop for a luxury city sightseeing experience. Based in the Basque Country, our travel plans emphasize exclusive and sophisticated tourism options that highlight the beauty and uniqueness of this area. From the soaring peaks of the Picos de Europa to the modern art of Bilbao, join us on an unforgettable journey through Northern Spain’s most alluring destinations.

Discovering the Majestic Picos de Europa: A Luxury Escape

Embark on an exclusive adventure in the Picos de Europa, a stunning range of mountains that offer some of the most breathtaking scenery in Spain. Begin your journey with a private helicopter tour that provides panoramic views of dramatic cliffs and verdant valleys. For a touch of luxury, stay at a boutique hotel with spa services that blend relaxation with nature. Exclusive guided hikes can be arranged for those who wish to explore more intimately.

Oviedo: A Cultural Feast for the Senses

Oviedo, the capital of Asturias, is known for its medieval architecture and vibrant cultural scene. Enjoy a private guided tour of its historical landmarks, including the Gothic Oviedo Cathedral and the pre-Romanesque churches, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Savor the flavors of Asturias with a gourmet dining experience at a Michelin-starred restaurant, where traditional dishes meet contemporary innovation.

Santiago de Compostela: A Pilgrimage to Luxury

Famed for its spiritual significance, Santiago de Compostela offers more than just a pilgrimage site. Experience the city’s history with a luxury twist: stay at a converted monastery that promises comfort and elegance. Enjoy a private tour of the cathedral and the city’s historic quarter, followed by an exclusive wine tasting session featuring Galicia’s finest vintages.

Bilbao: Modernity Meets Tradition

In Bilbao, modern art and Basque culture converge spectacularly at the Guggenheim Museum. Take a private tour of the museum’s iconic exhibitions, followed by a scenic yacht cruise along the Nervión River. Indulge in a culinary tour that includes tasting sessions at some of Bilbao’s top pintxos bars, blending local flavors with high-end gastronomy.

Santillana del Mar: Time Travel in Luxury

Step back in time in Santillana del Mar, a medieval town with cobblestone streets and beautifully preserved architecture. Explore its historic sites on a private horse-drawn carriage ride, stopping at an exclusive workshop where you can learn traditional crafts from local artisans. Dine at a secluded country estate, where a top chef serves regional specialties made from locally sourced ingredients.

San Sebastian: Glamour on the Bay of Biscay

San Sebastian is synonymous with beautiful beaches and world-class food. Opt for a luxury stay at a beachfront hotel with stunning views of La Concha Bay. Explore the city’s renowned culinary scene on a guided pintxos tour, including visits to Michelin-starred establishments. Cap off the day with a private sunset sailing, accompanied by champagne and local delicacies.

Zaragoza: A Blend of Architecture and Art

Though slightly off the northern trail, Zaragoza is a gem worth exploring for its rich history and architecture. Enjoy a private art tour that includes visits to the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar and the Zaragoza Museum. Experience luxury shopping in the city’s boutique stores, followed by a private dining experience that showcases Aragonese cuisine.

Cangas de Onís: Gateway to Nature and History

Cangas de Onís offers a perfect mix of historical intrigue and natural beauty. Stay at a luxury villa overlooking the Sella River, and explore the Roman bridge and the chapel of Santa Cruz with a local historian. For the adventurous, private guided canoe trips or fly fishing experiences can be arranged.

Conclusion: Your Gateway to an Unforgettable Summer

Northern Spain awaits with its open arms, ready to offer you a blend of luxury and culture like nowhere else. Each destination promises a unique touch of exclusivity, tradition, and modern comforts. Whether you’re soaring above the Picos de Europa or tasting the innovative dishes of San Sebastian, your vacation will be nothing short of spectacular. Northern Spain really has it all to offer when it comes to great experiences!

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