Repsol guide 2024: The best restaurants in Spain

Award-Winning Basque Restaurants With Repsol Suns in 2024

March kicked off with the glamorous Repsol Guide 2024 Suns Gala held in Cartagena. The renowned Spanish road guide honored the newest culinary gems with prestigious Soles (suns).

Basque cuisine is well-known in Spain, with many top restaurants. It is the fourth autonomous community with the most awards. A total of 71 restaurants received distinctions.

Three suns hallmarked eight of them, two suns marked 20 others, and one sun marked 43 out of 71. Guipúzcoa has more top restaurants than Madrid and Andalusia. It is the fourth province in Spain with the most distinguished restaurants, after Madrid, Barcelona, and the Balearic Islands.

The +50 best restaurants in the Basque Country according to the 2024 Repsol Guide

Basque Restaurants with three Suns:

Two Sun-Basque Restaurants:

Restaurants starred with one Sun:


As we wrap up our food tour of the Basque Country, it’s clear that this area offers a wide range of amazing food experiences. The 2024 Repsol Guide has listed +50 basque restaurants.

Don’t just read about these amazing dishes—go try them yourself. Plan your next food trip to the Basque Country, where every meal is special and tells its own story.

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