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The collaboration of Basqvium with Food Design Magazine

Basqvium has recently collaborated with Food Design Magazine, a publication exploring the perfect fusion of art, gastronomy, and creativity; by combining it all together into a food space design, releasing its inaugural issue in January 2024.

The Inaugural Issue

The first edition features Ferrán Adriá and Luki Huber on the cover. It shows how combining gastronomy and design can bring great benefits. In this issue, we delve into their experiences and the outcomes of their co-creations for elBulli Restaurant.

What is Food Design?

Food Design is about creating new and unique experiences in the food industry and cooking by innovating with each dish.

Design can be applied to all aspects of food: from the acquisition and preparation of the ingredients and dishes to the planning and decoration of the restaurants, hotels, and spaces where we consume them, and to the tasting experience each person undergoes.

Food Design also prompts us to reflect on our food systems and how we can make them more efficient and equitable. It encompasses sociological, anthropological, economic, cultural, and sensory aspects, delving into the relationships between food, culture, territories, agricultural, livestock, and seafood industries, sustainability, distribution chains, applied gastronomic science, and culinary tourism.

The Artisans of Food Design

This new book showcases Food Designers who use design and creativity to develop new food-related items and concepts.

These include food products, services, spaces, experiences, tools, and sustainable visions. The book includes profiles of designers, chefs, architects, artists, and scientists. It features designers, chefs, architects, artists, and scientists. It also explores collaborations between gastronomy and various disciplines such as art, fashion, music, and science.

Food Design Magazine aims to demonstrate through the examples of these individuals that it is not just the future discipline for the culinary and gastronomic realms but is the tool to define our relationship with the planet.

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